Best Above Ground Pools For Small Backyards

Having a small yard does not necessarily ruin your chances of having a pool. Neither does it mean that you have to suppress any other constructions to accommodate the pool. Coming to your rescue, there is a range of affordable above ground pools that fit small backyards and won’t take all the available space.

Our Picks for the 5 Best Above Ground Pools For Small Backyards

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Why Choose Above Ground Swimming Pool Instead of Inground

Above ground pools come with a perk of benefits such as:

  • Lower cost of purchase as compared to the standard pools.
  • Lower maintenance cost with smaller pumps and filters.
  • Easy to install as most come pre-built.
  • They come in a range of sizes which makes it easier to fit in your small backyard.
  • They are mobile

Problems Associated with Above Ground Pools

Some of the major cons that come with above ground pools include:

  • They are less durable as compared to the standard pools. They last approximately ten years less.
  • They are usually shallow and less deep
  • They do not look as great as the standard pools.
  • The pool materials and side walls could get easily damaged.

Things to Consider When Buying and Installing an Above Ground Swimming Pool For Small or Mediocre Yards

Buying an above ground pool for a small backyard is a process that requires a bit of digging and planning upfront, but most importantly you need to double check the measurements, particularly the length and the width of your potential location where the pool would be placed. Also, a pool is a family source of fun; therefore you have to make sure you make the right purchase to avoid later regrets.

  • You need to look into the planning phase before starting the construction. The planning involves identifying the best location for the pool, checking the local area laws regarding constructing a pool, and the accessibility.
  • There is a variety of pool Sizes and shapes. Given that you have a small backyard, you will prefer the smaller ones like the 15 to 18-foot diameter. On the shape, you would probably want to go with an oval one.
  • Pools are made using different materials depending on the budget. The best material most manufacturers use is a resin which does not get hot, corrode or rust. It also requires little maintenance.
  • You can make customization on the pool when designing by choosing the wall patterns and liners that will make it beautiful and project your taste.
  • Ensure all your installation is done by a trained professional or that you follow the instructions provided with extra care, doing it step by step. You need to prepare the ground and bottom, as well as the walls for a raised pool.
  • Assemble the best pool equipment like the filters and pumps. Pumps are to ensure the cleanliness of the pool by moving the pool water through the cleaning process then returning it to the system.
  • Filters help in blocking twigs, leaves, and other debris getting into the pool.
  • Get your pool all the needed additional accessories like the cleaners, lights, heater, covers, and salt system. These will come in handy for safety and optimum performance.
  • In order to have a feeling of a grounded pool, you need to do proper decking. It also creates an entertainment space and increases the safety of the pool users.

Top 5 Small Above Ground Pools Reviewed

Below you’ll find reviews of the top 5 products mentioned above, covering the pros and cons of each pool. So let’s dive in.

Review of the Rugged Steel 12’ X 30’’ Frame Pool Set

The Rugged Steel 12′ x 30” Frame Pool Set is a combination of excellent quality and durability merged in one. This pool has walls made of rust-resistant and robust steel, then wrapped with polyester 3-ply and heavy duty PVC walls. Draining water from the pool is also fast and easy using the attached valve. The Rugged Steel Pool Set comes with filter cartridge, pump, repair patch and a DVD guide for setting up and maintenance.


  • The heavy-duty PVC makes it powerful and strong. This makes it stay steady after installation.
  • It can keep the water cool even on a hot day; this makes it fun to swim and chill even in the hottest weather conditions.
  • The measurements make it suitable for the family, as it can handle up to 6 people at once.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to dismantle


  • It comes with several additional accessories which increases the purchase price.


Review of the Intex 12 feet X 30 inch in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump

Intex is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to above ground pools, pool supplies, equipment, and accessories. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is one of the preferred pool choices worldwide due to its stylish look and affordability, as well as the legacy of the manufacturer. This family pool comes in a strong circular steel frame which protects it from almost any damages. Most importantly it fits even one of the smallest backyards due to its compact size.

The Intex Metal Frame pool is easy to maintain,  and while it comes with a filter pump, it requires to take caution working with the pump. Salt water is also preferred to chemicals in the water system to prevent bacteria and algae.


  • Easy to set up.
  • It is made using strong steel which makes it free from leakages and other damages.
  • Easy to dismantle when not in use.
  • Durable
  • Great for small and modest-sized yards


  • The pump that comes with the pool can fail to deliver the required amount of water. Its cartridge is easily damaged when mishandled.


Review of the iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise you can take that offers great health benefits. The iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool is built with that in mind, while at the same time occupying as least space as possible. This is provided at a low cost, with few chemicals than in any other traditional swimming pools. This is a suitable choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the swimming therapy.

The iPool has an advanced jet to ensure the availability of the needed amount of water. The pool is build to suit any aquatic therapy and does not require any special maintenance.

It also comes in PVC coated walls and lightweight vinyl liners, which makes it durable.

The safety of the pool is top notch as it comes with a Velcro strap that protects the user in case of an accident.


  • Great for different types of exercises as the chin bar allows for stomach workouts, shoulders, and arms exercises by the swimmer.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. The cartridge and integrated filter pumps last long before the need to replace.
  • Easy to repair as it comes with a repair kit for any damage.
  • It comes with an umbrella which makes it enjoyable to swim even during the day.


  • Not enjoyable for use by swimmers who want sheer fun and not interested in the therapeutic component.


Review of the Bestway 12 foot X 36 inch Steel Pro Frame Pool

The Bestway 12 foot X 36inch frame pool is one of the best pools for the family. This pool is big enough to accommodate the whole family; it does not take a lot of space hence it’s great for small or mediocre backyards. It is built using rust-resistant steel which makes it strong and durable. It also has a great flow control drain system which makes it easy to drain the water when not in use (out of season), particularly during the winter.

It also comes with a great design, which makes your backyard stand out.


  • Built to easily accommodate the whole family.
  • Durable due to the high quality and rust-resistant steel frames.
  • The frames are also made of polyester 3-ply and PVC walls which are great for the strength and support of the pool.
  • Has an efficient water drainage system from the flow control drain regulator.


  • The user needs to buy a filter pump and ladder separately which might make the purchasing cost a little higher.


Review of the Splash Pools Round Deluxe 18 Feet by 52 Inch

The Splash Pools Round Deluxe is one of our favorite above the ground pools due to its durability. It’s a bit larger than the previous pools we reviewed in this list but depending on how small your yard is, this might also be a great fit. The smallest version this manufacturer offers is 18’ X 52”. The Splash pool is more of a permanent choice as compared to the other above ground pools. This means that it requires a lot of work to set up and install. It’s advisable to hire a professional if you decide to go along with this above ground pool.

It is made using an all-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner and galvanized steel components that make it withstand rigorous use over a longer period. It also has a resin ladder with safety barrier and wide mouth thru-the-wall skimmer in the filter.

It also comes with an outstanding and beautiful design.


  • The pool is a permanent solution.
  • Durable and can withstand continuous use for a long duration.
  • It comes with a video set up guide making it easy to install.


  • Lacks mobility due to its permanent basis
  • It takes a longer period to set up and be ready for use



In conclusion, there are several above the ground pools that are fit for the swimmer with a small backyard depending on your preference. Each brand we mentioned are made out of great quality, but at the same time, they do bare several cons you need to pay attention to. Bottom line it all comes to the need of the individual, the budget, how big the family is, etc. Example, those looking to improve their health will most probably go with the iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool, while those looking for a more permanent solution might prefer the Splash Pools Round Deluxe.

You should also invest in the additional accessories for your pools to enhance performance and safety.