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Given the fact how in-depth our research process is, we might say that we fall somewhere in-between, but we like to think of our website more as a hobby, and a place for fun. We like to cover specific topics by focusing on the quality rather than quantity, and we emphasize the most important takeaways that our users are seeking for. Or in simple terms, only short and concise sentences that do make a difference, not endless mumbo jumbo. Our approach is driven based on the feedback from our community, and we highly encourage you to send us any positive or negative comments and messages, either in the comment section below our posts or by dropping us a message in the Contact Page which you can find it here: https://splashcopilot.com/contact/

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Why we recommend Above Ground Pools? They are cheap, cool, fun, and one of our family members was a Pool Guy, and always wanted to write a book and do some videos, but he lost interest over time. And, since that never happened, we decided to create this blog just for him. If we attract positive vibe, we are going to let him know. At the moment we are writing this, Jake still doesn’t have a single clue what’s going on, but we barely keep it a secret.

We love summer, working out, swimming and having fun in the pool, hydrotherapy and relaxation in the hot tub and increasing the blood circulation and flushing the toxins in the home sauna, so yeah, eventually you might find us blogging about the benefits of each. It’s always a good thing to have a pool guy in your family, Jake’s influence has had a profound impact on every single one of us, even on our dog Missy. She enjoys playing in the water all day long.

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